14 Sep 2023

version 1.8 RC

Some changes in internal logic.
Launch speed increased.

version 1.7.1 RC

Fixes for a new Microsoft Teams app recording

23 Jul 2023

version 1.6.1 RC

23 Jun 2023

version 1.5.1 RC

Internal logic adjustments.

23 May 2023

version 1.4.1 RC

Comcast VoiceEdge desktop app recording added

11 May 2023

Version 1.3.3 RC

Minor adjustments:
Setting to turn off startup splash screen (logo) was added.

08 May 2023

version 1.3.2 RC

The latest version of the "Desktop call recorder" application includes an automated feature for recording Facebook Messenger calls. It's important to note that this feature only works with the desktop version of Messenger that can be installed on a computer. For the web version of Messenger, the "Desktop call recorder" can still be used to record calls, but it requires manual recording.

24 Apr 2023

version 1.1.1 RC

The new version of Desktop Call Recorder now includes a convenient feature that allows you to add comments, memos, or notes to your recordings for improved organization and accessibility. Find out more

09 Apr 2023

version 1.0.1 RC

Release Candidate version. Fully functional and still free.
Desktop call recorder is at the stage of fine tuning before official release.

09 Mar 2023

version 0.9.17 beta


- internal optimizations

10 Feb 2023

version 0.9.16 beta


- quick access to recording folder added

- minor bug fixes

09 Jan 2023

version 0.9.15 beta

Minor changes and fixes

22 Dec 2022

version 0.9.14 beta

New Desktop call recorder features/changes:

- automatic Telegram desktop recording 
- recording listing behavior changes

Many thanks to users reporting bugs and typos. That helps a lot. 
Please use 'Get Help' in the upper menu to send suggestions, bug reports, or other comments.

09 Dec 2022

version 0.9.13 beta

Automatic recording for the Microsoft Teams app is now available with the new Desktop call recorder 0.9.13.  There are two versions of Microsoft Teams: installable with download and installable with Windows app store. The second one is preinstalled on Windows 11. Both can be recorded fully automatically with the new Desktop call recorder

29 Nov 2022

version 0.9.12 beta

New Desktop call recorder features/changes:

- bugs fixes
- typos fixes 

Many thanks to users reporting bugs and typos. That helps a lot. 
Small reminder -  you can use 'Get Help' in the upper menu to send your suggestions, bug reports, or any other comments.

29 Oct 2022

version 0.9.11 beta

New Desktop call recorder features/changes:

Minor changes. 

27 Sep 2022

version 0.9.10 beta

New Desktop call recorder features/changes:

 - Auto Slack call recording
 - Auto-update improvements.

 - video recording will be added in future versions.

11 Sep 2022

version 0.9.9 beta

Bug fixes:

  • - start Desktop call recorder minimized setting was not working (FIXED)
  • - end of manual recording popup toast naming (FIXED)
  • - manual recording stopping logic (FIXED)
02 Sep 2022

version 0.9.8 beta

New feature:

 - Manual call recording - any calls made from a PC can be recorded manually now.
    E.g. Google Meet calls, Facebook messenger, Webex, Skype web app, et cetera.

26 Aug 2022

version 0.9.7 beta

Minor bug fixes

22 Aug 2022

version 0.9.6 beta

New feature:

 - WhatsApp desktop client automatic recording.

17 Aug 2022

version 0.9.5 beta

New feature added:

 - Viber desktop client automatic recording

14 Aug 2022

version 0.9.4 beta

Minor bug fixes

13 Aug 2022

version 0.9.3 beta

Bug fixes:

  • change of destination folder, no recording after (FIXED)

05 Aug 2022

Desktop call recorder version 0.9.2 beta

Initial public Desktop call recorder release

Main features:

  • Zoom desktop automatic recording
  • Microsoft Teams automatic recording

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