Desktop call recorder

Why Recording Calls is Essential

The reasons for call recording can vary widely, depending on the industry, personal or professional needs, legal requirements, and the specific goals or policies of the organization or individual involved.

Legal Compliance

Personal Record Keeping

Quality Assurance and Training

Dispute Resolution

Note-taking and Information Accuracy

Security and Safety

Documentation and Verification

Main features

Call recorder


Supports auto recording for Zoom desktop client

Microsoft Teams

Supports auto recording for Microsoft Teams


Auto Slack calls recording


Webex auto call and meeting recording


All recordings are stored locally on your computer


Automatically starts and stops recording

Discover the Full Potential of Call Recording with Desktop Call Recorder

At Desktop Call Recorder, we recognize the vital role call recording plays in your life. Whether it's for professional, personal, or simply not missing important conversations, our app gives you the freedom to do so. We offer a free version and a pro subscription, catering to our diverse users.

Free Version: Explore Extensive Recording Capabilities

It's fully functional and available for a free trial.

Our free version introduces you to our top-notch call recording features. We believe in accessibility, allowing you to record calls without any initial costs.

Fair Usage Policy: To maintain quality and fairness, our free version follows a fair usage policy. As a free user, you can record up to 30 calls within any 30 consecutive days—a limit usually sufficient for personal users.

Experience any issues or have suggestions? Use "Get help" -> "Send bug report" feature in the recorder.

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